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Welcome to the College of Business Alumni Mentors Program! The Business Alumni Mentors Program brings students and alumni together for an exchange of information on education, professionalism, aspirations and ideas. It allows students to obtain valuable advice and insights from business alumni and allows alumni to aid students in becoming professionals in service to society and their alma mater.

We are happy you have chosen to participate in the program. To create a new mentoring profile, you must first agree to the Terms and Conditions of the program. Please review the Terms and Conditions below before proceeding.

Business Alumni Mentors - Conditions of Participation

Business Alumni Mentors, a program established by the College of Business at ILLINOIS, exists to promote a network of mentorship among alumni and current students (“Participants”), whereby students benefit from professional development experience imparted by professional alumni.

Participants will:
  • engage in substantive communication (meeting via face-to-face, phone, or electronic means) at least three (3) times annually.
  • respond to questions and communication within reasonable time frames, preferably 72 hours.
  • uphold meetings and appointments, or provide advance notification should a meeting need to be cancelled.
  • meet in public venues, including but not limited to campus and office environments during normal business hours.
  • cover their own expenses incurred as a result of meetings or communication.
  • maintain updated contact information with the Office for External and Alumni Affairs at
  • mentees will contact their mentor within seven days of being matched.
  • mentees will not solicit mentors for an internship or job. Mentors may, at their discretion, make offers of internships or job opportunities. Participants will notify Business Career Services immediately of any such offers.
  • Mentees understand that the University of Illinois and/or the College of Business recommends that all mentees seek appropriate independent professional counsel before acting on any career or professional development advice resulting from the Program.
The College of Business will:
  • reserve the right to decide if mentors and/or mentees are not suitable as participants in the Business Alumni Mentors Program, and can terminate, remove or exclude participants at its sole discretion.
  • make no guarantees or promises regarding the accuracy or quality of any advice imparted to mentees; the College makes no claim as to the quality of any mentee or mentor, or his/her suitability to provide academic advice, career coaching, career advice, or professional development advice.
The Business Alumni Mentors Program Coordinator resides in the Office for External and Alumni Affairs and can be reached at 217-244-6669 or

If you have read and agreed to abide by the above Terms and Conditions, you may click the Continue button below to begin creating your profile.


Existing Mentors

If you have already created a mentoring profile, you may access the Business Alumni Mentors site using the login URL you received when your profile was activated.

If you have not yet received your login URL, one will be sent to you as soon as your information has been verified by Business Alumni Affairs.

If you do not know your login URL, you may request to have your login URL emailed to you or contact Business Alumni Affairs for further assistance.